About Us




Axiom was established in 2003 in Canada and expanded into the United States in 2013.

We are a privately-owned company serving North America.

Our Mission

To exceed our client’s expectations with the highest level of quality workmanship while ensuring that timelines and budgets are preserved.

To build lasting relationships with our clients through teamwork, transparency, communication, and partnership.

To focus on our Health & Safety programs in order to protect our employees and our client's assets.

To ensure that every employee at Axiom is trained with the appropriate certifications.

To create subject matter experts in our industry and more specifically in the Food & Beverage and e-fulfillment sectors.

Our Values

Excellence: We celebrate excellence in customer service and innovation
with our clients, staff, and vendors.
Collaboration: Our work is accomplished through teamwork, transparency,
communication, and partnership.
Accountability: We assume personal responsibility for the commitments we make
and are accountable to our clients and team members.
Empowerment: We continually strive to create a supportive environment for our clients
and staff while empowering our teams to make real-time decisions.

Our Vision

To create an infrastructure where we continue to build and expand our multi-trade company globally through mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships allowing Axiom to better serve our customers

What We Do

Capacity To Perform


AXIOM Canada

Provides all services
• Head office located in Cambridge, ON - 40,000 SF Facility
• 27,000 SF dedicated to Fabrication
• Other Offices - Toronto, Calgary, Aurora, London, Chatham
• Employing 137 staff
• 75 Millwrights


Provides Millwrighting and Project Management
• 4,500 SF Facility located in Henderson Nevada
• Employing 20 staff
• 18 Millwrights
• ASI leverages local fabrication shops
• Leverage the Canada operations for mechanical design