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Processed Meat Production Facility

Processed Meat Production Facility

Axiom was contracted to perform the mechanical installation of all OEM Equipment in a 750,000 SQFT processed meat facility. From Raw Ingredients through to process & cooking, RTE to ASRS/packaging on products such as wieners and deli meats, Axiom’s scope of work included all assembly/installation work. Axiom’s HACCP certification as a food industry specialized contractor played a significant role right from the time of installation. Even before a facility is in production where GMPs would apply to any work, when it comes to raw meat processing food safety starts with processes like seal-welding/sanitary design/elimination of harborage points at the time of installation.

Supplemental work and services included design and fabrication of custom conveyors, specialized handling equipment, structural work, platforms/walkovers, ongoing maintenance, and capital projects.

Success on this project was extremely schedule-sensitive and based not only on the quality installation and appropriate resources, but constant coordination with the customer, engineer, OEMs, and all other trades on-site to ensure a smooth schedule and production startup.

We continually strive to create a supportive environment for our clients and staff while empowering our teams to make real time decisions as needed.

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